Worried that AdWords is costing too much or not delivering enough results?
We can take a look and tell you what’s wrong

If you are happy managing your own AdWords account but would like some expert guidance to help you improve your campaigns so as you get more visitors to your site and reduce unnecessary AdWords costs, there are two ways we can help.

For a one-off review of your AdWords account, our healthcheck service is ideal. One of our AdWords experts will examine your AdWords account in detail and provide you with a comprehensive report that looks at the good and bad points of your account and which includes specific recommendations for how to improve things.

If you want on-going assistance to manage your AdWords account more effectively then our monthly auditing and mentoring service is the ideal choice.

Further details of each service can be found below.

AdWords Healthchecks

Using Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website? Do you worry that it’s costing too much? Do you feel you’re not getting as many sales or enquiries as you should? Concerned that AdWords isn’t giving you a sufficient return on investment?

Then our Google AdWords healthcheck service will put your mind at rest and give you the answers you need.

A Google AdWords healthcheck service provides you with:

  • a full analysis of your existing AdWords account
  • a report detailing the aspects of it which are setup well and those which need changes/improvements
  • information on where you are losing money on the wrong kind of traffic and wasted clicks
  • ideas for increasing traffic without necessarily increasing spend
  • an assessment of how your site compares to those of your competitors
  • recommendations for steps you can take to improve the AdWords account to reduce costs and/or increase traffic
  • recommendations on changes you could make to your website to increase the conversion rate and maximise the return on your AdWords investment

All presented as a printed and bound report, as well as in PDF format.

To order your AdWords healthcheck, all you need to do is contact us.

Adwords Mentoring

If you are happy working on your AdWords account yourself but just need an extra pair of expert eyes looking over your shoulder on a regular basis then our AdWords mentoring service provides exactly that.

Over the course of your mentoring we will check and advise on the major issues in your account each month, starting with the ones with highest impact/cost in the first month.

You will receive

  • a monthly check/analysis
  • an automatic report focusing on key indicators
  • and one or two emails to guide you in the right direction

The emails you receive may include links to external content (normally from Google) to help you with your learning, or our own video demonstrations recorded to help you with specific issues.

Also, in case you end up being too busy to implement everything yourself, we also include up to one hour per month for discussions and us making changes to your AdWords account for you.

To find out more about AdWords mentoring or to request a quote, please contact us.

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