Learning how to set up and manage an AdWords account correctly could save you hundreds of pounds a month

If you’re looking for an AdWords training course for you or your staff that will help you manage your AdWords account more cost effectively then our Google AdWords guy, David Miles, can help.

David can run a bespoke AdWords training course at your own premises or you can attend one of the regular public AdWords courses that David runs in central London.

In just one day you’ll learn about:


How to find low cost keywords that will make your budget go further, and how to use keyword match types correctly to reduce costs.

Writing Adverts

How to make your ads stand out from the crowd and how to increase the number of clicks you get.

Improved Targeting

How to filter out the visitors you don’t want and avoid throwing money down the drain.

Quality Score

What it is, why it affects your AdWords costs, and how you can improve it.

Controlling Costs

How to set your bid prices and maximise your daily AdWords budget.

Structuring Your Account

How to use campaigns and ad groups to get more control over your marketing, increase traffic, and reduce your costs

Diagnosing Problems

How to identify and fix the weak areas of your AdWords account so as you get more visitors and/or lower costs.

Conversion Rate Tracking

How to measure conversions and how to improve your landing pages so you get a higher conversion rate and hence more profit.


What people say about our Google AdWords training courses


David is a knowledgeable and patient training professional with a thorough understanding of how to maximise an organisation’s profile across a number of online media channels. David’s strategies have shown immediate improvements to online impressions, click-through-rate and enquiries since they were implemented. – Phil Barros

I have attended both the Google AdWords and the Google Analytics courses with David as a trainer and I cannot recommend him enough. He makes the subject accessible and encourages everyone to share their questions and thoughts on the subject. David uses real-time examples so that you can easily relate to what he is talking about, and I left each training course armed with skills I am excited to use! – Cordelia Oxley

Excellently produced course. David has a way of making potentially very tough and complicated procedures clear and easy to understand. An excellent course, one which I’d recommend to anyone who wants to get involved with their own Adwords campaign. Very professional and all in all a great guy too. 10/10 – James Watson

David’s training style is no nonsense, common sense and perfectly tailored to our business. Never has training been more relevant! – Toby Hargrave

I went to a PPC training course which David presented and it more than exceeded my expectations. I was thoroughly impressed by David’s wide knowledge of PPC and his ability to offer clear and effective advice. I left the course feeling a lot more confident about my ability to run a PPC campaign. I would definitely recommend David’s training courses and hope to attend another in the near future. – Rob Fielding

David is no less than the Delia Smith in his field. Simple, clear, friendly tuition that even those with the least natural technical aptitude can understand and absorb. Bravo! – Nigel Kemp

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