Learning how to use Google Analytics properly could seriously improve the profitability of your business

Google Analytics is not just for geeks and nerds. It’s for anyone who wants to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing and increase the return on investment that they get from their website.

If it’s important to you that your website generates as many sales or new business leads as possible, or if you’re investing time and money in Google AdWords, SEO, or social media, then it’s vital that you understand how to use Google Analytics to find out what’s working and what isn’t.

As the famous saying should perhaps now go: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted – and with Google Analytics I can find out which half it is“.

Our Google Analytics trainer, David Miles, can run a bespoke Analytics training course at your own premises or you can attend one of the regular public Google Analytics courses that David runs in central London.

In just one day you’ll learn about:

Analytics Data

What all those different graphs and reports mean and which ones are useful for your business.

Automated testing

How to set up and run automated experiments that will mean you get more sales or enquiries from your website.

Increasing Repeat Visits

How to get more people coming back to your site so they are more likely to buy from you.

Advanced Segments

What they are and how you can use them to find out which types of visitors are most profitable for you.

Reducing Bounce Rates

How to measure and increase the stickiness of your web pages so visitors stay with you longer and are more likely to become customers.

Mobile Users

Do mobile phone users find your site easy to use and how can you tap into the booming mobile market.

Search Engine Optimisation

Are your SEO efforts paying off or are you attracting the wrong kind of traffic from search engines.

Email marketing

Do people find your email newsletters interesting and is your email marketing driving sales or enquiries via your website.

Social Media

Find out if all that time you’re investing in social networking is worthwhile and whether social media is driving high quality visitors to your website.

Visitor Journeys

Do people enter and exit your site where you think they ought to? If not, Analytics can help you keep people on the right path.


Why people give up before they’ve completed a purchase or filled in an enquiry form, and how you can stop this happening.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Simple changes you can make to your website to massively increase the number of sales or enquiries it generates for you.

Goals and Key Performance Indicators

Setting goals for your website and building Analytics dashboards to let you see your important KPIs at a glance.

Analysing Analytics

How to apply human insight and deduction to your Analytics data so as you know what to do to make your website more profitable.

What people say about our Google Analytics training courses

David was speaker at the Google Analytics course I attended, and by the time it finished I felt so much more confident about the subject. That’s no small feat, as I am a techno-phobe. David handles his subject matter with aplomb and was able to convey in-depth material with a clarity tnat can only come from someone with first-hand business experience. I recommend David wholeheartedly. – Paul Harvey-Douglas

I found David’s training course to be hugely educational and informative, well-presented and easy to understand. David was able to deal with all the questions thrown at him and we all left feeling far more comfortable with the intricate world of Google Analytics as a result. – Graeme Claridge

David ran a fantastic course on Google Analytics which I attended – this man knows what he is talking about – a prince in a sea of charlatan’s and snake oil salesmen. Listen and learn! – Andrew Carmichael

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